Various Kinds Of Braces For Your Child

This is a common issue that comes up for family dentists. Why can’t children get dental implants? There are a number of good reasons why children are generally not considered candidates for dental implant surgery, although in some rare cases they are. More on that later.

Firstly, children can lose their permanent teeth. This happens somewhat frequently due to sports related injuries or other instances of roughhousing and the normal trouble that young kids can into. Unlike their parents however, children cannot get dental implants to replace the missing teeth. In order to understand why, you first have to realize what dental implants are.

Dental implants, like normal teeth, are screwed directly into the jaw. Since children’s jaws are still developing growing, there is a chance that the dental implant will shift, become dislodged, and can cause a great deal of pain. That will require a second surgery to remove and then replace the dental implant.

“It’s extremely uncommon to see dental implants in children, as the potential hazards far outweigh the immediate benefits, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything that we can do for them either,” says one here family dentist from Colorado Springs.

In the event that a child loses a tooth or some of their teeth due to trauma, chronic illness, for genetic reasons, or other factors, a pediatric or family dentist can maintain the spot where the tooth is missing making it easier for them to receive a dental implant after they have finished growing. For a lot of children, this can be difficult, particularly during adolescence, but it’s absolutely necessary to fixing the problem later in life, as a dental implant can cause more harm to the teeth, gums, and jaw line.

“Generally the mid or late teens is a good time for children to get dental implants, and the role of the dentist is just to maintain the spot where the tooth is missing so that we can a good space to put another tooth. In some cases we can put in false teeth that give the appearance of a full amount of teeth. This way the child’s smile doesn’t have to suffer from a the lack of a missing tooth.”

While dental implants remain the top choice for older patients to replace missing teeth, children have a special set of considerations that precludes them from being ideal candidates for the surgery. In many instances, a purely aesthetic fix will have to do until the child’s jaw is completely done developing.

“Obviously, we want your children to have a beautiful smile, but dental implants are an invasive surgery that are only effective insofar as they can be worked into the jawbone. If the child’s jaw is still growing, it can actually cause damage to the structure of the jawbone, so we can’t really perform the surgery safely.”

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